Sixth Street Pilates NY

Get the body of your dreams. We make you sweat while pumping up your body and mind.

Sixth Street Pilates NY

Best Fitness Training

Get the body of your dreams. Your health is in your control now. Experience the best physique that you couldn’t even imagine.
Anytime Fitness

High Intensity Workout

If you like speed in your workout, you are at the right place. Focus your mind and you will get through the whole routine. It is hard but the results are sweet.

Workout And Weight Training

Looking to carve those muscles? Bring on the weights. Get those reps in your routine to become stronger and leaner.

Training Rates


Strength And Resistance

Pilates And Yoga


Marjorie Adams

“I love the vibe of this fitness center. I have lost a great deal of weight and I am proud of it.”

Matthew Collier
@ Mental Valley

“The trainers here are world-class. You must try their endurance training.”

Janelle Vine
@ Readers Digest

“If you are looking for a rounded
fitness routine, this is it. Simple, effective and intense."

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